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At Khyaal, we build solutions for senior citizens to overcome challenges that discourage them from actively participating in the digital world. Our goal is to engage, educate and empower seniors; and we do that with the help of our community, card and commerce. Khyaal was founded in 2020 amidst the pandemic when loneliness and social isolation among seniors rose to unprecedented heights. In order to address the issue of loneliness, we created a community for seniors across India to interact with one another and to engage them in our interactive games and sessions.

We learnt a lot from our community and understood their challenges, among which fear of online transaction due to a lack of know how and prevalence of fraud demotivated them from taking actions online like paying bills, subscribing to entertainment content and learning materials among others. This inspired us to create a simple and secure solution for seniors to transact online as well as offline with the help of our Visa powered Khyaal prepaid card. In our continuous interactions with our senior community members we also learnt their need for senior specific products and services and we decided to partner with multiple solution providers and took upon ourselves to act as a responsible aggregator who curates the offerings and lists the best for seniors. Through our solutions we are also facilitating families to care for their elderly loved one and help them lead a happy ageing experience.

hear from the founders

“I used to travel extensively for work and my father would call me up to do basic chores like renewing the subscription for his OTT platforms or recharging his phone without realising that I was in a different time zone and was talking to him in my sleep. This was a regular occurrence and I could clearly see the dependence that he had on me to do these simple things.

CEO- Hemanshu JainIn my interactions with many individuals, I understood that this was a widespread issue that needed to be addressed. I began researching and learning from seniors and children, understood their challenges and channelised all my efforts to find solutions to overcome them.”
Hemanshu Jain
Co-founder & CEO
“When Hemanshu told me about the concept of Khyaal, I could resonate with the vision he had as it was something close to home. My Father has always been independent and had never sought my help for anything other than to do online tasks. I could never muster enough time to get him upto speed with the digital world and wanted a solution to make him savvy and see him take control of what he wanted to do online.

COO- Pritish NelleriOur shared goal to empower seniors like my father and my mother to shop online, learn new things and share their thoughts with a wider world drove me to make the vision of Khyaal a reality.
Pritish Nelleri
Co-founder & COO
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